We Are Here to Help

The North Carolina Volunteer Rescue Pilots assists all North Carolina public safety agencies with aviation assistance in the time of crisis, humanitarian need, or special missions.

We are a group of highly trained and specialized aviators, air traffic controllers, and public safety professionals with experience in using aviation to help save lives. Our experience is with both airplanes and drones.

We Save Lives, One Flight at a Time

Our pilots have backgrounds in law enforcement, military, fire and rescue, and EMS. We volunteer our time and pay our own expenses to help our fellow citizens of North Carolina through local fire and law enforcement agencies that request our free assistance.

S Rhode – Wake Forest Fire Department – Pilot (Airplane/Drone)
A Albert – Wake Forest Police Department – Pilot (Airplane/Drone)
B Spain – NC Division of Aviation – Pilot (Airplane/Drone)
D Cash – Battalion Chief WFFD – Tactical Flight Officer
H Warren – Wake EMS – (Airplane/Mechanic)
W Bailey – (Drone)
T Jones – (Airplane)
T Strickland – (Drone)
T Eggar – (Airplane, Drone, Crew)
R Zarracina – (Airplane, Drone)
A Richmond – (Drone)
C Foy – (Drone)
C Godwin – (Drone)
T Osborne – (Airplane, Drone)
Joel Shreenan
J Shreenan – (Drone, Crew)