Tom Jones

In S-3B Viking at 7,000 feet over the carrier.

Lieutenant Commander Tom “Vegas” Jones is not only an experienced Navy pilot but also holds ratings for multi-engine airplanes is a commercial certificated pilot and CFI.

Tom served with squadrons both on land at at sea and was a check pilot and instrument check pilot along with his many other military positions.

He is also an Aerospace Physiologist and Aeromedical Safety Officer.

LCDR Jones is married to the former Kimberly Ann Patrick of Dallas, Texas, and has one son Luke and one daughter Nicole.  His hobbies and interests include tactical strength and conditioning, golf, Ohio State Buckeye football and flying his 1961 Beechcraft Baron.  Upon retiring from the naval service he moved on to his current position of operations manager at the Utility Service Agency in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

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