Robert Zarracina

Robert helps companies determine if using drones will improve their business operations by utilizing his tested APL (Applicability, Profitability, Liability) program to ensure that all decision aspects are covered.

His goal is to eliminate the misinformation, market hype, and costly mistakes that can result from being led down the wrong path. He is President of Flight Ventures Ltd and is an FAA-certified pilot, with single, multi-engine instrument and commercial ratings. He has acquired over 2,500 pilot in command flight hours with 30+ years of flying experience including being a skydiver driver.

He has an extensive background in sUAV / sUAS business use and flight operations covering FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification, previous FAA 333 exemption, daylight (night) operations waiver, and continues to add to his 1,600+ remote pilot in command flight hours.

Previously he was hired as the remote pilot in command for Raytheon / BBN’s hostile drone interception program.

He has helped establish sUAV flight operation departments for several local clientele, developed and presented numerous introductions to and history of drones, and Beyond Part 107 test preparation courses.

He is a member of FAAST (FAA Safety team), possesses a BA and MBA in finance, marketing, computer automation, and has taught senior-level marketing and business development classes at local colleges and universities.

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