Cory Foy

Cory has been involved with Fire/Rescue since 1996, including serving as an Assistant Chief for a large volunteer department in Florida.

He is currently serving as a Technical Rescue Captain for the South Orange Rescue Squad.

He is a Certified NREMT/WEMT (finishing Paramedic in December of 2021), Firefighter, Wildland Firefighter Instructor, Swiftwater Technician, Land Search Technician, Ropes Technician. 

When it comes to drones, Cory has been flying UAS’s since 2014. He is currently flying a DJI Mavic 2 Pro Enterprise Dual as part of public safety missions.

Both Part 107 and NC Government and Commercial Permit holder. Cory is also experienced in AI programming for drones allowing them to fly based on image recognition with machine learning algorithms.

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