Joint WFFD and CFD Exercise Debrief June 22, 2021

June 24, 2021 Mission Brief – WFFD – CFD Exercise Debrief Date: June 24, 2021 Location: Jordan Lake near Raleigh and Sanford, NC Participants:             Steve Rhode – Pilot – Wake Forest Fire Department (WFFD)             Ian Moffatte – Captain WFFD – Tactical Flight Officer             Andrew Albert – Pilot – WFFD             Brent Mincey … Read more

Joint WFFD and CFD Exercise Briefing June 22, 2021

Below is the mission brief we used for the exercise on June 22. The debrief can be found here. Human Factors: Stress, passenger stress, fatigue, any concerns about aircraft condition. High Risk Maneuvers: Low level flight and flight near other aircraft. Separation and airspace will be critical. WX/NOTAMS/TFR: TFR in effect 1400 to 1800. Demon … Read more

Joel Shreenan

Joel is the volunteer Program Manager for Unmanned Aircraft at Hq, Civil Air Patrol (CAP). He is a talented sUAS instructor at CAP’s National Emergency Services Academy conducted each year at Camp Atterbury, IN. Joel has led several teams of CAP sUAS pilots on missions to Puerto Rico to support FEMA with imagery after hurricanes … Read more

Todd Osborne

Todd has been with Oak Island Water Rescue since 2018. He earned his Private Pilots license (ASEL) in 1988, instrument rating in 2006, and Part 107 Commercial UAS license in 2019. Along with his drone flying responsibilities Todd has access to several Cessna 172s and assists with drone operations or single-engine flights in others aircraft.

Chris Godwin

Chris Godwin is a Remote Sensing Technician at WithersRavenel in Cary, NC. He graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography with a focus in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. In his professional career in the Remote Sensing field, he has focused on quality data collection with Unmanned Aircraft Systems … Read more

Cory Foy

Cory has been involved with Fire/Rescue since 1996, including serving as an Assistant Chief for a large volunteer department in Florida. He is currently serving as a Technical Rescue Captain for the South Orange Rescue Squad. He is a Certified NREMT/WEMT (finishing Paramedic in December of 2021), Firefighter, Wildland Firefighter Instructor, Swiftwater Technician, Land Search … Read more

Allison Richmond

Allison Richmond is the Public Information Officer for Haywood County Emergency Services, and a public safety drone pilot in Haywood and adjoining counties.  She has been an active member of Haywood Seach and Rescue since 2017 as a volunteer searcher and drone pilot. She is also an active member of Haywood County’s Incident Management Team. … Read more

Daryl Cash

Chief Cash began as a volunteer firefighter at the age of 16 with the Wake Forest Fire Department. In 1986 Daryl became a paid full-time firefighter and rose through the ranks to become a Battalion Chief. He has served in all types of emergency service roles including with the Wake Forest Police Department as a … Read more

Robert Zarracina

Robert helps companies determine if using drones will improve their business operations by utilizing his tested APL (Applicability, Profitability, Liability) program to ensure that all decision aspects are covered. His goal is to eliminate the misinformation, market hype, and costly mistakes that can result from being led down the wrong path. He is President of … Read more